Daily Meditation ESV Children Audio Bible Player is a great tool¬† for parents to engage kids, under 10 years old, to study God’s Word

  • Much more fun and effective than text bibles and illustrated bibles
  • Amazon rating 4.5 out of 5 stars

Customer Testimonies

  • “Purchased this Bible Player as a request from my young son – and it has been a go to item for him since it’s arrival (which was lightning quick!)” Parental testimony
  • “My three-year old loves listening to her Audio Bible all throughout the day! It joins us at the table during lunch, on the playground and in bed. Her face lights up when she listens to it and she has even began saying the verses along with the audio! It’s amazing!” -Janet Brown
  • I purchased the ESV Children’s Bible Player for my granddaughter. She LOVES it. She listens to it before she goes to sleep, plays it when she is in her room and sings the songs. The battery life is excellent. Easy for kids to use…” Parent Amazon Review
  • I bought this for our grandson’s birthday. It was exactly what I was hoping for. We take him to church, but I was looking for a way for him to hear the Word every day. This was everything I had hoped for. It is easy to use, and he turns it on before bed at night. I feel good knowing he is Hearing God’s Word before bed each night.” Amazon Review
  • “The daily meditations are well designed and easy to use. The children enjoy listening to the songs and verses. This is a great way to help children learn the Bible with a child friendly player.” Parent Testimonial
  • ¬†“…I am giving it five stars since my 8-year old likes listening to it and has learned more about the Bible because it is actual text versus condensed stories in Bible story books. She says her favorite part are the songs so that she doesn’t get bored only listening to the Bible text. I have found that she has taken the initiative to listen to the Bible player on her own. In my opinion, any tool that helps kids learn more about the Bible and keeps their interest is worthy of consideration…” Parent Testimonial

Daily Meditation ESV children bible player

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