Why Daily Meditation Audio Bible Player?

  • Do you want to make good use of your time to focus on God’s words when you commute, cook, exercise, do house work, etc?
  • Do you want quality time with God’s words without distractions and temptations of smart phones and tablets?
  • Do you want to get your children addicted in God’s words instead of computer games?
  • Are you looking for a perfect bible gift for brithday, baptism, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, etc?

Daily Meditation Audio Bible Player will empower you!

Amazon Customer Reviews

LOVE this audio Bible!!
By Steph0808 
Being an avid Bible reader and listener, and having owned another brand of MP3 player, I was shopping for a different product to see if there was a better option. I’ve been pleasantly surprised as my expectations were exceeded – what a HUGE difference!! I love the Daily Meditation Audio Bible Player. First off, there is a speaker in the player so if I choose to listen without headphones, that is possible. The volume range is fantastic which is helpful when trying to listen on different types of headphones or under pillow speakers. The size of the player is great and it is lightweight. One of my favorite things about this Bible, is I can turn it off and when I turn it on it goes back to the same place where I left off. Although I love lots of things about the player, this alone has made the product worth buying! The buttons are easy to use, especially on/off and volume – I can maneuver the buttons when I’m half-asleep, adjust volume or switch on/ off. There is a wonderful selection of Bible versions available so I’ll be purchasing another version as well. So thankful for the effort put into creating this audio Bible.

You have to buy this!!!!
By L. Johnsonon 
CHANGED OUR LIVES!!!!! If you are reading this, then you have found the best product that Amazon has for sale! I am serious… this thing has changed our lives and I wish I could afford to buy one for everyone in the world! The voices are great, the battery lasts forever, and it is super easy to navigate even by my 7-year-old. We have six children ages 2 to 12, and so it gets used almost all day by someone. At breakfast we listen to Proverbs at the table so I can eat (I used to try to read aloud but that didn’t work), at lunch we are currently going through Acts. Then at nap time my three-year-old has been listening to John every single day so he has a lot of it memorized. At night the boys usually want to take it upstairs and listen to their book of choice.
We used to try to listen to the Bible on my iPhone but that was just annoying because then when I needed to use my phone I would have to find the child who had it and make them stop listening, so that’s why I love having this stand-alone device instead.
BUY IT… you will be so glad you did!

Great device
By dkengland 
This is an excellent audio Bible device. Navigating is a little difficult at first, but after you get the process down, it becomes extremely simple. It is very convenient and portable. I personally like that it has a rechargeable battery. The sound is excellent, hard to believe this small device puts out so much volume. I am also pleased that it is offered in “dramatized” and “non-dramatized” and in various translations. Would make a recommendation that a belt clip be added on future models; would be great to walk and do other activities and listen to God’s Word. My personnel recommendation, buy one and get one for a friend. Excellent product!

Listen to a sample chapter recording of each audio bible version:

Dramatized audio bible

Non-Dramatized audio bible

Dramatized children audio bible