Adult Bible Listening Programs

Daily meditation audio bible player

Daily meditation audio bible player

If you spend 15-20 minutes, listen to 3-4 chapters a day, you can complete the whole bible in a year.

Option 1. Parallel Program (same as the Heavenly brother one-year bible plan as in our product manual)

Listen 3 books in parallel, e.g two chapters from old testament history book, one chapter from old testament poetic/wisdom book, and one chapter from new testament.

Option 2. Sequential program

Listen from Genesis to Revelation in Order

Option 3. Alternating program

Listen to Old Testament and New Testament books alternatively, one book at a time

Option 4. Freedom Program

Listen in any book order you prefer. But you need to complete at least 3-4 chapter a day and be on track to finish all the books in a year.

Our Audio bible players will empower you to finish your one-year bible plan in an easy way