Why audio bible for children?

By GT Liu, July 18, 2015

Traditionally, children have been given simplified children’s bibles to read at a very young age. As they grow older, they would read upgraded versions of the children’s bibles that are closer and closer to full text bibles. Many people did not realize that children can study a full text bible at a much younger age if they can listen to audio bibles at the same time. Here are some advantages of listening to audio bible:

1. Children usually learn first by listening instead of reading. There are many words in the bible that are difficult to pronounce and understand. It is very difficult for a child at the age of 6-7 to read a whole chapter from a full text bible. But it is that difficult for him/her to listen to the same chapter. If he/she listens to the same chapter again and again, and get explanations from an adult, he/she can understand the whole chapter quickly. If he/she later reads the same chapter, he/she can also understand the written text much easily.

2. Dramatized audio bibles are particularly helpful to children because they can make the bible content more much visualized than plain text bible. With different speakers playing different roles, it is much easier for a child to understand what is going on in a story. The differences between different bible translations are also smaller if a child can listen to dramatized versions since he/she would be focused on the stories instead of the actual words used. When my son was enjoying listening to the book of Revelation, he can understand KJV as easy as ESV.

3. Children love to listen to stories. Why not give them dramatized audio bibles to listen so that they can also learn the bible at the same time? While you have to try very hard to let a child to read a few chapters of the bible, it is much easier to let him/her to listen to few chapters of the bible with dramatized stories. And surprisingly, they can even get addicted in listening to bible stories.

4. Audio bibles are much more convenient use than text bibles. While a child has to set aside time to sit down in order to read a text bible, he/she can listen to an audio bible while riding in a car, eating, walking, etc. As a result, there are much more daily time you can use to expose a child to bible naturally.

5. It is much easier to engage a child in a bible conversation if you listen together with him/her. Since there are always words or contents he/she doesn’t understand, he/she would ask you questions constantly. But answering their questions, you are actually doing bible study with them in a very natural way.

6. Children have a much higher capacity for God’s words than what most people can imagine.  I had never thought that my son could finished listening to the Old Testament in four months, and listen to Revelation eight times in month. A simplified children’s bible is far from enough for him. Don’t let a children’s text bible to limit your children’s capacity for God’s words!

7. Bible is a great language learning tool. When a child listen to bible again and again trying to learn the bible, he/she is also learning the English language at the same time. Since Bible has a very large vocabulary, his/her vocabulary would increase very quickly, and his/her listening/reading comprehension would also improve at the same time.

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